Ibiza may be an island of contrasts, but the Ibiza style is consistent wherever you go. The dress code is nice and simple and colorful: wear whatever you want. The bohemian look is extremely popular.

Do you find it too much to wear bohemian clothing from head to toe, but would you like that exotic Ibiza atmosphere in your outfit? Then choose to only wear a top or blouse with a bohemian look.

Striking, colorful, glitter, sequins and daring bras are almost uniform in the big nightclubs of the island, but you will also see cool jeans, romantic blouses with fringes and floral prints or chunky knitted colorful tops. 

Actually, it doesn't really matter at all in Ibiza. Do you want to wear it? Go for it, just do it! The best thing about Ibiza is that absolutely anything is possible.

But first, what is Bohemian style or also called "Boho chic" or "Boho"? 
Bohemian style is a fashion style closely related to hippie fashion, where natural fabrics, retro patterns, neutrals and warm tones merge with 70s style accents and a flair for statement accessories.

Bohemian style is more than just a fashion trend - it is a real culture in itself, a culture associated with a very specific ideology and a complicated past. Although closely associated with the hippie fashion of the 60s and 70s, Bohemian fashion is part of mainstream culture today.

Today, the wide variety of Bohemian clothing and accessories makes the style a real phenomenon. With its loose-fitting clothing, casual accessories and an overall artistic, creative mix of elements.

A variety of natural materials, earth tones and hippie inspired patterns. An alternative to the traditional way of dressing, combined with an equally alternative message with an emphasis on a free and relaxed loving life. 

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