The Boho Style is back and better than ever. Everyone seems to be infected these days with that laid-back, carefree hippie aesthetic. How do you make your Boho Outfit stand out from the crowd? With the right Bohomian accessories, of course.

Accessories are important items. They ensure that an everyday outfit stands out, make changes and provide a more stylish extra character. They are essential to boost your style. If you want to add accessories to your wardrobe, we give some tips which items are perfect for your “Bohemian Look”

Handmade Bohemian Bags
Although handmade bags can be on the more expensive side, they cannot be ignored in the Bohemian cultural style. Bags give a feeling of relaxation, fun and are indispensable.

Exotic Necklaces
A classic layered necklace, necklaces with charms, shells and braided materials fit perfectly into the bohemian style. Necklaces with a single exotic charm such as a coin, feather, shark tooth, shell or other decoration are very beautiful. It gives your outfit extra depth and it makes you a bit mysterious.

Wear your necklace on a nice, simple sweater or dress and let your necklace speak for you. When you vary in length with these types of necklaces, you can wear different necklaces together. In this way necklaces tell more about you and "your clothing style" without you having to say it.

At Ibiza Rituals you will also find necklaces that have a special symbolism. A good example of this is the necklace with a prayer box as a charm, or a prayer box or wish box. In this box you can put a small note with a wish for yourself or someone else. This necklace can be combined with almost any outfit and suits the overall style.

Bohemian Bracelets
Complete your outfit and shop bracelets with charms, shells, stones, beads or feathers. Combine bracelets with each other and make it a party.

The arm cuff, or arm cuff or armlet, is a metal bendable bracelet that you wear around your upper arm. Does the spring or summer sun break through and does this sun call for bare arms? Clip this bracelet around your bare upper arm and your outfit will immediately get a special extra. The arm cuff is suitable for everyone because of its flexibility.

Colorful Anklets
An anklet is a perfect piece of jewelry that goes with you on a beach holiday. You can wear your anklet all day long: to the beach, during a day of shopping, when you go out to dinner and of course when you dance with your bare feet in the sand on the beach in the evening.

On beach holidays you mainly wear summer dresses, light shorts or of course your bikini. Usually your legs and ankles are bare and why not give them some extra decoration in the form of a bohemian ankle strap? You can also combine simpler ankle straps. This way you don't have to choose between all the beautiful anklets and wear them together.

Anklets and shoes
You can easily combine your ankle strap with your favorite shoes. It is best to combine an ankle strap with summer sandals and slippers. Especially anklets with shells, beads, charms and other decorations come into their own when worn with sandals that show your bare ankles.

But you can also wear your ankle strap with sneakers and low ankle boots. With these shoes, your ankle strap rests casually on the edge of your shoe. This gives your ankles an unexpected extra.

Mysterious hats
No list of bohemian accessories would be complete without a good hat. Not sure how to style it? Wear a hat with a long, flowy skirt or even a nice pair of jeans. A hat can be worn during the day or night and is an essential for any woman looking to purchase bohemian accessories.

Quirky earrings
The bohemian style is all about wearing unique and carefree accessories and earrings are the perfect example! Every woman loves earrings. And rightly so, because your outfit is simply not complete without earrings.

Do you wear a basic outfit, but are you looking for accessories that make your outfit more interesting? You can't go wrong with large and colorful earrings. When you wear a bold outfit, you can emphasize your style even more by wearing eye-catching trendy earrings.

Sunglasses from the 60s
There is nothing better than a radiant, beautiful spring day - unless, of course, you forget your sunglasses. Sunglasses not only protect your eyes from the bright sun, but also make you stylish.

The great thing about this style is that glasses give off the “vibes of the 60s” right when the hippie movement was gaining popularity. They are also beautifully designed and are sure to add some color and fun to your outfit.

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